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Music not playing on my Mac

Music not playing on my Mac

hi, if anyone could help. About a week ago my mac was playing music perfectly but then it just stopped playing. It looks like its playing becuase the bar along the bottom moves and the time changes but i just can't hear anything. I have no problem with the sound on any other applications. 


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Not sure if it is still relevant (after a month) but a similar thing happened to me when the active option in Devices Available popup was set to my other Mac. So I switched back to Listening on this computer and voila! The sound was back.



Same thing. But after I didn't use it for a while it popped back on. And now it's not working.

Solution? Just stop playing music for a while and then it might pop back on.

Hey! I'd recommend reinstall the Spotify app.

Let me know if you have any question or just simply accept this as a solution. Thank you!

Hey, I'm using the browser, because our school won't let us download
anything (yes, I listen at school). It might be my headphones cuz when I
took them out it played. Plz find the solution. I'm out.

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