MusixMatch not saving lyrics


MusixMatch not saving lyrics


My lyrics are not saving.

I've been trying to edit lyrics for a few days now. It says it saves them when I click the done button, but it reverts back to the old lyrics.

I've tried it on OSX and Windows 8. I'm not sure why they're not saving.

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Re: MusixMatch not saving lyrics

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MusixMatch is actually another company entirely that allows Spotify to use Lyrics. Any lyric issues would need to be addressed with their support team. They can be reached via their commuinty at

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Re: MusixMatch not saving lyrics

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Actually this does NOT seem to be a Musixmatch issue but an issue with the Musixmatch integration in Spotify.


I also thought my lyrics weren't saved but found that they were actually updated directly on Musixmatch website but in Spotify the old lyrics were shown for days (if not weeks). It therefore seems to be some nasty caching issue.


I reported this issue (and others related to the Musixmatch integration in Spotify) at Musixmatch integration issues as "Ongoing Issue".

Re: MusixMatch not saving lyrics


Samr thing happened to me. It doesnt update