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My Spotify lists playlists by my region/continent

My Spotify lists playlists by my region/continent

I've been using Spotify Premium for 5 months and this is the first time this happened. The playlists or songs that used to be featured in my "browse" option were American or worldwide songs (which I prefer) but starting yesterday, SEA playlists (Kpop, OPM, Jpop) were the only playlists available.

I don't have anything against my region's songs, I'm just not into them. and Spotify is what I use to enjoy the music I like (which now I can't). How do I turn this off or stop this?
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I'm having the same problem and want to find a solution as well! One or two recommended local playlists are fine, but all??

Same case with me. I support our own music but if I wanted to listen to it, I'd rather turn on my radio. At least I don't have to pay monthly premium for that.


I appreciate the updates/upgrades Spotify is doing but I hope they'll bring back the old one. At least give us the freedom to choose which region or music we like. 😞 



Did you find a solution to this issue? This is really annoying. 

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