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Firs I'm surprise there is no SUPPORT for premium subscribers in Spotify. You should tell this BEFORE one subscribes (It will have been a determining factor in selecting the provider in my case). Nothing wrong with the community but support for customers is the MINIMUM.


My issue is I don't see Thumbs Up/Down ... In Radio they are there but after I play some songs for a while the MAIN wondow (the only place where you see the thumbs up/down) is OUT OF SYNC with what is actually played so I can get ride of these lame balad metal songs in my Metallica radio ...


Has someone in the comunity any idea as to why the app doesn't work? Why the played display on the lower left corner shows one artist and song and the bigger window, in the center a totally different one?


Thanks in advance.

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Same issue

Not that spotify actually cares but I will be cancelling my subscription based on this. 

Uh ... Spotify premium DOES HAVE support. I reached them and they replied within a day ...


But I, too, don´t see any Thumbs up or down buttons when playing songs.

I was just looking for this while listening to songs in my Discover Weekly playlist. I really don't understand Spotify. I can thumbs up/down songs on my phone, but not on the desktop. This is just one of many things about the Spotify app (both mobile and desktop) that make me very frustrated.


With Rdio gone, I'm hoping Apple Music will present a comparable streaming service with a lot more thought toward how people might use it. 


I was googleing the missing thumbs up issue and stumbled on your post from over a year ago. I can't believe this hasn't been addressed yet. I'm on my 1st trial month...maybe my only month.


At least I can thumbs up your post!


Totally agree that it's insane that I can't give tunes a thumbs down. Now Spotify is giving me suggestions since I listened to songs that I didn't even liked. What kind of learning algorithm is that?


Found this thread with a "missing thumbs spotify" google.  I figured out part of my problem and it may help others.


Spotify does not let you thumb rate songs on premade playlists or stations. It only allows you to rate songs on a custom made station, and then only if the song is still currently playing.

Gamefreak is right.

Although, of course, even with shuffled playlists, if viewing the playing song, you can add it to your playlist still with "..." and "+ save" or "add to playlist"


So, "shuffle" playlist does not allow "thumbs up/thumbs down"


"Radio" allows "thumbs up/thumbs down" -- at least for me on my FREE account.

On my phone, at screen bottom, press "RADIO" then at top the "((+))" and type in your artist or song, then select the result.  Then at bottom hit "^" to display the song playing, and now you can Thumb up/thumb down or at right "..." to add it to your playlist or save it to your favorites.



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