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Network activity got ugly - using IP's instead of DNS

Network activity got ugly - using IP's instead of DNS

This has been a problem for a month or more now where they seem to have changed the underlying activity of the desktop client to use IP addresses when accessing streaming servers instead of domain names. This has broken access for our schools and they're most upset.


I'm analysing the traffic and I can see the web requests all going against IP's. Why was this decision taken? The client worked fine on our network before this change came along.


I'm also seeing our Squid-based proxy choke on a request at some point that contains an underscore. I'm guessing something in there is breaking the rules of HTTP 1.1 that's generating a 403 forbidden error.


I'm beginning to lose the will to live pinpointing all of these IP's and then authorising them as safe for the schools. More and more of them keep cropping up. Spotify could really do with an Enterprise section of its knowledge base, as well as remembering to support Enterprises and not just consumers. Very amatuerish not to.


If I'm ignorant of helpful documentation, please point me there... otherwise please fix the app ASAP.


Plus, please can you make it easier for Enterprise to get at the full install packages so that we can more easily deploy your product. Help us to help you.

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