New Desktop update messes up scrolling with album art

New Desktop update messes up scrolling with album art








Macbook Pro late 2013

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My Question or Issue

When I listen to spotify on the desktop app, I like to have the album art as big as possible because I like to see it. However the album art uses the same sidebar position as all my playlists as well as the Home, Browse, and Radio tabs. 


Before this update, I was able to scroll through the whole sidebar above the album art, meaning that there was still plenty of space to see multiple playlists and have the album art be the size I wanted it. Now though, the Home, Browse, and Radio tabs are stationary at the top and can't be scrolled past, meaning that there is only space to see one playlist at a time when the album art is big like I want it. This really sucks because I never use the Home, Browse, or Radio tabs and don't need to see them. I need room to see my playlists that I actually care about and I don't want to make the album art smaller.


The picture attached shows how much room I now have to see my playlists with my preferred album art size...


Screen Shot 2019-06-14 at 6.37.03 PM.png
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Same here.

There already is another topic for this issue where I posted my comments:


Spotify, please revert this change, it is extremely annoying.



they just fixed this!!! &&&&&& now the album artwork is way too small!!!

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