New Releases "New albums & singles" hasn't updated in weeks

New Releases "New albums & singles" hasn't updated in weeks

I was a regular user of the "New albums & singles" page that could be found under Browse -> New Releases. However the last releases shown there are from 2018, if I'm not mistaken out of the last week of 2018. 

It is the same thing for a couple of German friends. We only have Macs to test, but on the webplayer it's the same thing. 

Is this a bug to be fixed? As "tag:new" isn't working for a quite while now too, I hope this get's fixed. Or is there a way around this?








Country: Germany



iMac, MacBook 

Operating System



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Hey there,


Could you please share a screenshot of what you're seeing? 


Thanks 😄

Absolutely. All these releases are from Dezember, the last one from 12/23. 

Hello everyone,


same issue here. Since the start of 2019 there are no new albums in the new releases category. All the latest albums are from 2018. Premium users from Germany using Android.


Would be great if this will be fixed.



The same thing is happening to me. It's very frustrating. Week over week i see the same "New releases" Any news?

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