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New “Save to library” ‘heart’ icon; bottom of screen

New “Save to library” ‘heart’ icon; bottom of screen

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 The “arrow” icon at the bottom of the screen which when selected shows the song time elapsed and fast-forward rewind options, has been replaced with a “Save to library” ‘heart’ icon on my ipads. The arrow is still there on my android; can I get rid if this new “save to library” display on the iPads so that I can more easily rewind and fast-forward my songs (as well as see time elapsed)?

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Hi  Sirdukelueker


The version on iPad and Android might not be the same, it can be one of the reason why you have 2 different features.


However I think that you should check that you're on the latest version on iPad and also on your Android.


Let me know if you have any questions !

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