New UI is a joke. Cancelling unless it's reverted ASAP.

New UI is a joke. Cancelling unless it's reverted ASAP.


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Most users do hate when the UI (that works perfectly) is suddenly changed dramatically. People like things that they already got used to.


The reason why I never switched to Apple Music was the better UI of Spotify.


However Spotify just changed about 2-3 days ago. I thought I give it a go, but it is an absolute joke, an unusable mess. I do understand that I can revert back manually if I go into my system files, but users should not be asked to tweak system files. (also, it's just a question of time when you will remove this manual "revert back" option.)


Unless the UI is fixed back asap, I will cancel the subscription (about 7 years..) and switch to another provider. Apple now has a charming offer that includes all their services, and with this messy UI, there is no major reason to stay with Spotify.

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Hi there @Steve79,


Thanks for reaching out about this here in the Community.


We're sorry to hear that your experience with the newest interface isn't as expected. At Spotify, we're often aiming to improve, and your comments help us do so. For this reason, we invite you to share all your thoughts about it in this Community blog thread, which is constantly being monitored by the right folks in order to collect all your feedback so we can keep improving the app. You can also find more info about the new interface there.


Hope this helps. We'll be right here if you need a hand with anything else.



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