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New to Spotify - Unable to Copy My Music held in my local drive music to Spotify

New to Spotify - Unable to Copy My Music held in my local drive music to Spotify



I followed every instruction in the world.

  1. Installed Spotify
  2. Went to Local Files
  3. Saw all my albums
  4. Tried to drag the albums to "Songs" - Didn't work
  5. Created a Playlist and Dragged them there - Only a few able to listened to on another device
  6. Tried to drag the playlist to "Songs" - Didn't work

I was with Google Music for a bit and this was seamless using Music Manager. I don't why it is so hard to achieve syncing my local files (I own) to Spotify.

PLEASE HELP ME. I want to stop my Google Music Account, but I can't while I can not sync my music.

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Hello there and welcome to the community,


1 - The folder "Songs" will only contain  the song you save from Spotify library (by clicking the sign + near the title of song)

2 - Click Edit > Preferences, scroll to the section Local Files and be sure that all the sources of your local files are enabled (green)

3 - Once all the sources are set correctly your local files should appear in the folder Local Files

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Thanks for that ..


Couple of questions based on your reply:


1) How do I get my Local Files available on my other devices. Based on the following article I should be able to listen to these files on my mobile device.!/article/Listen-to-local-files


2) Why does the guide show the ability to drag Local Files to Songs or Select Local Files.


Thanks, I really want to stay with Spotify, but I want to able to listen to my own music as well.

the plus or save button does not work you click it and literally nothing happens. dragging a song from local files does nothing either. i just opened this account and feel i will be cancelling it. i've deleted and reinstalled numerous times with the same results. have the ability to see my local files,play my local files, but cannot save them to play through ps4 or another device

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