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Newest version of Spotify won't change the IU

Newest version of Spotify won't change the IU


(Family) Premium




Macbook Air 2020

Operating System

MacOS Big Sur


My Question or Issue

I installed the newest version of Spotify (, but the user interface remains as the old version, even though the most recent update should update the UI as well. When I go to "About Spotify" it shows me that I indeed have the latest update installed. I also have the latest system update on my laptop. 


My friend, who has exactly the same laptop and system update, same plan and same update on her Spotify, does have the new UI. What could be the issue? I would really love to have the new user interface as I really appreciate the aesthetics of it. 


I have already tried the clean reinstall of the app, but that didn't make any difference. 

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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The UI update is server side change. Your account just haven’t received it yet. But if you can’t wait.

Open the prefs file and paste the following line:


The prefs file is under ~/Library/Application Support/Spotify/prefs on Mac. 

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