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No Radio on MacOS

No Radio on MacOS

Plan Premium

Country USA

Device Macbook Pro mid 2018


My Question or Issue

It appears that my installation of Spotify does not support radio stations. I can create a "Radio Playlist" for an artist (and presumably for a song) but that just generates a static playlist under my playlists. The left sidebar only has Home, Browse, Your Library, Playlists -- no radio section. Additionally, when I play a "___ Radio" playlist, I do not get thumbs up/down as indicated by this help page:


Does spotify no longer support radio stations? Is now the only option to create playlists, and then turn on the option to "Play similar music"?

5 Replies

Hey @safetypinner, welcome to the Community.

Hope you're doing great!


It seems like there's an Ongoing Issue thread which explains why you're missing this feature.

Thanks 🙂

Hi @Loxer,


i have restarted and reinstalled the app, and I don’t see a “stations” menu item in the sidebar like I do on mobile, or as described in the help desk article I linked. If I follow an artist radio that station will appear under playlists. But as mentioned, i do not see any radio functionality when playing an artist radio playlist. I cannot thumbs up or down. It acts like a playlist, not a radio station. Maybe I'm just expecting something more like Pandora radio stations, and Spotify just does them differently. 

Also, the thread you linked to seems to be about usernames, not radio stations. 

Hey @safetypinner,


Sorry for the inconvenience but here's the right link:


Thanks for your patience 🙂

hi @Loxer,


I'm a bit confused. So this seems to me to indicate that Spotify has removed Radio functionality from the MacOS platform. Is that correct? I am no longer able to create a radio station and thumbs up/down songs.


It appears to me that they have replaced this functionality with the option to create playlists and the "Autoplay" feature. If I follow a "[artist] Radio" playlist, I have no control over the playlist, and cannot customize it all. I also do not have the option to "Create a similar playlist" (that option is greyed out in my context menu).


Am I correct in my understanding?

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