No internet connection detected at lower bandwidths


No internet connection detected at lower bandwidths








Macbook Pro mid 2015


Operating System

Mac OS 10.13.6


My Question or Issue

Since the latest Spotify update, Spotify seems to be saying "no internet connection detected" for internet speeds lower than 10 Mbps. I have an internet connection, but it is slower than 10 Mbps at home. If I am already logged into the app, it shows "no internet connection detected, error code: 4". If I am logged out of the app, it shows the error "No Internet connection detected: error code: accesspoint:31" when I attempt to log in.


I have tried the troubleshooting steps suggested on the help site, first deleting and reinstalling the app, then deleting all cached preferences/properties files, etc. and restarting/reinstalling. Neither worked. The app works fine at work with higher bandwidth internet connections.


I cannot currently get the Spotify version information since I am logged out of the app after my last troubleshooting attempt, and "About Spotify" is unavailable when logged out.


I strongly suspect that the latest Spotify update decided to de-prioritize low bandwidth internet connections. If that is the case, I will be looking for another music streaming service as I am currently paying for a service I can't use. Please confirm whether this is the case or if there are additional troubleshooting steps that will fix this problem.

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Re: No internet connection detected at lower bandwidths


Hey @roboanto,


Thanks for reaching out to us and welcome to the Community 🙂


The troubleshooting steps you've tried so far are very good. We'd like to add a few more.


It's a good idea to check if the issue occurs only with the Spotify app or with other services in the same network as well. It's also important to make sure that a firewall or anti-virus software is not affecting the performance of the Spotify app.


Keep us posted! We'll be right here if you have any questions.

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