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No sound, but song is playing - Happens after every output-switch

No sound, but song is playing - Happens after every output-switch

Everytime i switch output on OS X. That means, plugging in headphones, pulling out headphones, activating airplay som OS X, and disconnecting airplay, Spotify won't play any sound. I can see the scrubber sliding, but no sound(but i CAN hear system-sound and sound from other apps). The solution is to just restart Spotify, but that is quite annoying to do all the time.


Spotify version:

OS X: 10.10.2 (14C1514)

4 Replies

I'have exactly the same problem on OSX when I try to connect a bluetooth speaker

have any luck resolving this?

Never had this problem on my imac until today. Spotify is playing but there is no sound. Unplugged external speakers, still no sound and it's not a system issue...all other apps work (including your competitors music apps I'll have you know) Tried restarting luck. I'm seeing some pretty convoluted reasons for the problem...what gives, Spotify? 

same here, switching from bluetooth headset to speakers jack jams my spotify. A reboot is required to continue. Windows 10

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