No trace of music that has been removed from my playlist

No trace of music that has been removed from my playlist


I like discovering music and spend considerable time finding it and cataloguing it in namely Spotify playlist.


Problem I have is when that song or artist is no longer available it simply removed from my playlist without warning. Now before someone says to me go to presences>show unavailable songs in playlist. I have done that hoping it show all the music that has been removed from my playlist (I not talking about the ability to play it) just simply list the music removed. Yet for the life of me I can't find the music that has been removed.


I understand the license holder can remove the content from Spotify as they wish but as a service provider you should have a mechanism in place to inform your customer of removal of songs from their playlist out of courtesy. Even so far as to show the music greyed out as unplayable would do but they are not even being showed as grey out. I find this completely dishonest as there should not be a problem of displaying the music name & track that has been removed. At least then I can got the option as a consumer to purchase said music and keep it to my collection.


As thing stand my playlist is not safe. All that time finding music will amount to nothing if songs can be removed from it without any trace. I think I may have to look at alternatives to Spotify in the near future even though it a great service that helped me expand my music library.  


If there is no immediate solution, please at least pass this on to those that matter to consider the ability to download your playlist as a exel file or notifcation system informing user of removal of songs from their playlist. Thanks

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This is still an issue and im really waiting spotify to listen to their customers and develop that notification tab to notify about deleted liked/saved songs.🤞


Hey @yotamon,


Thanks for reaching out about this in the Community!


For more information, we'd recommend you head over to this Idea thread. Feel free to add your +Vote.


Hope this helps. Don't hesitate to reach out again if you have questions.

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