Not able to change playlist cover


Not able to change playlist cover



Spotify won`t allow me to change playlist cover/picture (PC). The function is available to me, but it doesn`t work. When i click "save", nothing happens. I have tried logging in and out, and even reinstalled Spotify. I tried with many different pictures in different sizes, but still nothing works.



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A story about suffering

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I can't change the image for the playlist cover,it lets me change it and asks if I want it saved I press save and the image does not change,I log off and log in ...nothing happens,I uninstall the desktop app and reinstall it and hallelujiah guess what nothing happens still,so far these are the main two solutions two fix it and none worked for me,I am using windows,Please help a homie out.

Re: Not able to change playlist cover


This has been bugging me for the last hour as well. Hope you find a solution real soon.

Failed to upload image please try again

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This is the message i see each and every time i attempt to upload my image that I own, created and have made in the correct size, and MB guidelines. I have reinstalled Spotify and updated it and still have not had a uccessful attempt to upload any Jpg. Why am I not able to upload or change the playlist cover image on this playlist which is entirely composed of spotify tracks?


Album Cover Art Not Working


Spotify won't let me upload album art for my playlists. It shows the green bar but doesn't save. I've tried loggin in and out + uninstalling and still no change. 

I can edit my playlist and stuff but even if i change stuff it wont actually change.


So, I've recently transitioned from spotify free to spotify premium and ever since i did, it seems likes some of the features do not work. I've tried multiple times to edit my playlists but whenever I changed something, for instance, the playlist cover, or the playlist title, and then i click save, nothing changes. It is very frusturating. Please help. I have tried deleting and redownloading the app and also logging out.

Playlist covers won't display


I have uploaded an image I want to use as a playlist cover, however the original four album cover image stays. When I go to edit it displays my image.

Spotify doesn't change playlist cover


I'm having trouble changing the cover on my playlists. Yesterday it was fully functional, and today, I tried to change the covers again and it didn't work. I mean, it does change it, but when I change from one playlist to another, it goes back to the previous cover. I don't know if there's a limit of changes per day, but I don't know what I'm doing wrong and I tried with my Win PC and my Mac.



I can't change my playlist cover


This is extremely frustrating: every time I try to change the picture of one of my playlists nothing happens, it loads the picture normally but when i enter the playlist again nothing has happened - the old cover art is still there. I have tried to log in and out and tried changing to different pictures with another sizes but nothing helps. I have always experienced problems with the covers but for the first time it doesn't let me change it at all, despite the many efforts. 


Would be nice if you fixed the problem with the covers, like I said it has always been a struggle to change the picture but this time just impossible. Thanks! 

Re: Not able to change playlist cover - Status changed to: Need more info

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Hey folks! Thanks for your reports!


I'd love to get to the bottom of this. Are you still having issues with this one? Could you all let me know what OS, Spotify and device versions you're rocking? Also, does it help to log out and log back into the app? I'd love to take a closer look.


Happy holidays! 🎄

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