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OS X Yosemite: Skip/Back Keys have no effect

OS X Yosemite: Skip/Back Keys have no effect

Hi everyone,


I'm a recent owner of a brand new iMac, long time Windows user. I find that the play/pause button works fine and expected. However, it's cousins on either side, the skip forward/back track buttons, have no effects on Spotify. This is really annoying, as those are some of the most used buttons on the keyboard for me. They also worked fine on Windows. After a lot of googling, I've tried a few potential solutions, none have worked so far. I'm not using Google Music and the extention isn't installed, nothing with the media keys in keyboard shortcuts in Chrome. They don't even have any effect when the Spotify application itself is focued. Ideas, anyone? Any help is greatly appreciated.



-- williamtdr

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More info: Keys work fine and as expected in iTunes. Possible bug.

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