OSX - Spotify causes long wake up from sleep times.

OSX - Spotify causes long wake up from sleep times.

If I don't have Spotify open, the machine will wake up from sleep nearly instantly.


If I DO have spotify open there is a 15-25 second delay where I see a black screen with only a cursor, then everything is normal. I can move the cursor while the screen is black.


Doesn't matter if a song is playing or not.


New Macbook Air

OSX 10.9.4 





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I've got exactly the same problem. When spotify runs, and only when spotify runs, it takes a long time to wake up from sleep.

Did you already find a solution?


I have got (completely new) Macbook pro retina 13", OSX 10.9.4, Spotify

No resolution.


Anyone else?!

I have this same problem with my new MacBook Pro and Apple said that they are aware of the issue with Spotify causing the computers to not wake up properly. They said that has also been a problem with the iMessage app too. They had me send over some log files to the Apple engineers so they can hopefully create a fix. AppleCare told me there is likely going to be a firmware update to address the issue released soon.

My spotify woke up, but it takes a long time to load up. I can music. But only on my playlist. I want to look more on my mac. Can someone up me???

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