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This ERROR CODE 4 malarkey has been going on for ages !!. I have followed all the remedies and solutions but to no avail. I do observe, however, that there does not seem to be any input from a Spotify operative. Excuse me ,Spotify, this is a paid for service !!. You really need to make an effort in trying to resolve the error code 4 problem !!. I am sick and tired of paying for a broken service !! Get it sorted .... !!!!

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I've had the error code 4 for couple of months on my work pc without admin rights.


After reading this forum I tried a couple of things.

I've tried changing the proxy settings when I was logged on but that didn't help.


The following fixed my problem:

I've logged out on my  spotify account.

Next step I've pressed prefrences on the bottom of the venster.

I've changed settings to "no proxy" and logged on again.

This time the error code 4 (offline) was gone..!


After changing it for different settings I choosed the last option in the drop-down.

I thought nothing helped but I tried "no proxy"  ones again and that did the trick.


I hope this helpes for more people!





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Solved the issue for me, also on a Lenovo laptop.

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Casual Listener

MOTHER OF PEARL.... all internet points go to KoNaBoYo912, you have made my life barable again ❤️

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This solution does not work for those working off office provided computers that have administrative locks. I am unable to access the connection properties because I need an administrators login and password.