Other Devices item missing from Devices Menu on Mac version


Other Devices item missing from Devices Menu on Mac version

Casual Listener



Device: iMac 4K

Operating System: macOS 10 Mojave


My Question or Issue


I swear there used to be a Other Devices menu on the Mac version just like there is on the iOS version, but after updating today, the option is no longer available on the Mac version (for me anyway) and so I can't select AirPlay or Bluetooth devices from the Mac version of Spotify.


AirPlay does work. I can AirPlay from my Mac, I can AirPlay from my iPhone (even from Spotify) but I can not AirPlay from the Mac Spotify app because the Other Devices menu item is completely missing. If I had Bluetooth speakers I wouldn't be able to choose them either. Spotify Connect does work.


Can anyome confirm that Other Devices is missing from their Mac installation?


I contacted Spotify Support via chat and they had me try some things before saying "reboot everything and then contact Apple if it still doesn't work." But they never actually confirmed for me that it SHOULD work. I don't think they really tried it on a Mac to see (they probably didn't have any Macs) so I'm still not sure if this is a glitch with my system (seems unlikely, especially after troubleshooting, reinstalling and rebooting eveything). What seems more likely is that they removed the feature or there is a bug that is preventing the Menu Item from appearing.


Does anyone have any thoughts? Can anyone confirm that this does or does not work for them with latest version of Spotify?


The first screen shot show the devices menu on the Mac and the second one show the menu on iPhone.

Screen Shot 2019-06-14 at 6.54.29 PM.png