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Other people can't find my public playlists

Other people can't find my public playlists

I love making playlists and don't want to keep them to myself. That's why I've made my playlists public to other users. However, when I searched for my playlists on a friend's account I couldn't find them. I want people to find my playlists directly through the search and not just via my account.

I'm using Spotify (Unlimited) on Mac OS X 10.5.8.

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Somewhat infuriating that 3+ years and 4 pages of community dialogue have not fixed this issue - or identified the root cause.
Hey Spotify folks! Could someone at least explain how public playlists that *are* searchable by other users get indexed? Is it a popularity thing? (I'm popular!) A payment thing? (I'll pay!)

Here is my example, a 500-song playlist called "We Sing Loud" that corresponds to a published book. Please reply if anyone is able to find this using the search.

Sorry for the red herring here!  I literally saw the change as soon as I had linked my account.  My office uses a different (form my personal account) spotify account to pipe music over the sonos speakers.  Prior to the link up i couldn't find my play list or my public profile - and then post link it was all there.  Agree that indexing criteria needs to be divulged by Spotify.  

"Somewhat infuriating that 3+ years and 4 pages of community dialogue have not fixed this issue - or identified the root cause."


actually the "issue" (from their perspective) would be to keep indexing everything, so I guess they're saving quite some ressources by indexing only playlists from "popular enough" (facebook or whatever) accounts and so on.


and you don't even need a different account to see what's indexed actually, just use the browser, ie or anyone else) and then use search bar on the left. as for facebook, it's probably a preliminary condition, but it's certainly not enough by itself, you probably need a certain level of popularity/friends/posts whatever there if you want all your stuff indexed. I created a mockup facebook account just for that, and it didn't do much. most playlists stay invisible, and only (a few of) those who were updated (added songs after facebook linking) got finally indexed. And even then (!) some disappeared from search few days later, I kid you not...  

anyway considering the kind of stuff I mostly listen, It's not like it was ever bound to be popular, so that's not a drama, back to listening activities, much more useful ^^

Hi Peter,


my playlist has the same problem. I have 70 followers but had to send it by whatsapp for every single one. They cant find my list online. 



same with me


im three hunna

Infuriatingly, the Search doesn't find my playlist even from my own account - the one that created it (it the first playlist listed when I click on "Your Music".

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