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People list real time song refresh

People list real time song refresh

On the right hand side in the people list where it shows the songs people are listening to it is not refreshing. I have to restart spotify to see the updated feed. Is this a problem others are having? I had hoped that it would refresh in real time (like the updates on the right hand side in facebook)

5 Replies

I have the same question. Have you figured it out yet?

Per C.

Same problem here - is there an answer to this, Mr Moderator?

I'm having the same problem, my "now playing" feed hasn't refreshed for almost 2 weeks now, and I've logged in and out. Anything else I can do?

i am having the same issue--have you found a fix yet?


or anyone with a mac?

I have a question, how do I see what others are listening to on a chromebook? Or on desktop using chrome? I'd like to see what my friends are listening to but I can't since i got a new computer (which was a chromebook). I was able to see it on my windows computer, but i cant not on my chromebook. anyone have any idea/suggestions? thanks!

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