Play Local Files on Multiple Macbooks


Play Local Files on Multiple Macbooks

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I have 2 macbooks and would like to sync local files between them using Spotify Offline download feature. However, it's doesn't work. I can use the offline download to transfer my local mp3 from one of my macbook to my mobile devices, but when it come to macbook to macbook, it just show "waiting" and wouldn't start download. Is there any solution I can use other than using Dropbox, iTunes or USB to transfer my mp3 files manually?

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Re: Play Local Files on Multiple Macbooks

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Hi @leonlim and welcome to the Community! :)

Just a question - have you already considered Airdrop or icloud to move the local files? I often use Airdrop to swap files between my mac devices and it works out really well.


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Re: Play Local Files on Multiple Macbooks

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Thank you for your reply.


Yes, I usually use Airdrop to transfer files between 2 macs when I have them both at the same time. However, normally I will put one my macbook in the office while the other one at home. If using Airdrop, Dropbox or iCloud are the only ways to go, then I think I just have to accept them.


Re: Play Local Files on Multiple Macbooks


Hi Leonlim,

I understand you do not want to use a dropbox or usb due to tha hassle of transferring files manually between each mac. Using itunes to share music between each computer, followed by then syncing from itunes to spotify directly on each individual computer has also been attempted I'm assuming. My only suggestion to making this process easier is to open spotify on your computer, followed by entering settings, scrolling down to the "Local Files" title, and sliding the slider that refers to itunes. This will effectively display all songs from itunes in your spotify application, allowing you to drag and drop within spotify. Aslong as this option is active on both computers, songs from itunes should appear on both computers, and when downloading into a playlist on one computer, should also be avaliable in the selected playlist on a nother computer automatically. 

Hope this helps, if not, I hope you find your solution soon.