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Play queue repeats is ANNOYING!!!

Play queue repeats is ANNOYING!!!

When playing a song from an album or the top 50, etc!


When the last song plays the stupid thing starts all over AGAIN!!! How do I stop / prevent this from happening....




If the last song plays, there should be NOTHING in the playlist.... Until I start another Album / Playlist, etc!


This is the most un logical thing Spotify could change....


I have tried uninstalling and re installing but the stupid queue still is there.... However if I put spotify in a virtual enviornment and install it FRESH on a completely fresh operating system then it is CLEAR....


I don't UNDERSTAND this....


There has to be a way to make it so when the last song play it doesn't start again from the beginning again.

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This has been a common complaint for a long time and I have realized that Spotify has no intent to fix it.  I even went as far as having a little back and forth with them on Twitter about this issue and about all I got out of it was them playing dumb and lying about trying to fix it.  I'm extremely disappointed in their customer relations and software development.  My suggestion is to look for another streaming service, because Spotify doesn't care enough to be truthful, it seems.

Maybe I'm misunderstanding but couldn't you just disable the 'Repeat' button?



Also maybe just double check that users do not have also the repeat button on with the shuffle mode as well. As both options can be turned on during playback at the same time.

No the shuffle and or repeat isn't enabled, or both as mentioned.


I will post a video on YouTube showing this annoying problem with the latest release of spotify which I believe is 1.0.8... Once the video is uploaded I will share here hoping the developers will WAKE UP!


This is easy to test for yourselves as it has worked on my account, my friends, etc! So it's a known issue via the Spotify Client.


1.) Load Spotify

2.) Find an Album (Maybe from the New Release screen) - Play the first song.

3.) Hit Next, Next, Next, Next until you reach the last song in the queue and watch it start all over from the beginning...


The last song should be a sign of saying HEY we are at the end of the queue and there is no more but instead it just repeats that album.




Just to clarify things, when you write about repeats, the music starts over all on it's own without the repeat option turned on, or the album song content is just reloaded into the play queue ready for the user to hit the play button manually to start the music over?


Just want to make sure I understand clearly what is going on precisely.

I guess I should be a bit more clear as you are on the track of what I should have said...


If you find a song from an album and you hit the Play button for that song then of course that song plays but also adds the rest of the songs from that album into the queue... Once the queue completes the album is always loaded and ready to be played again over and over and over... Which is annoying especially if you're a user like me that sometimes like to listen to individual tracks which at the moment as of 1.0.8 "Add to Queue" is BROKEN.


So i guess what I am trying to say is what you said that the content of that album is ready to play to again even though that last song had finished....

Ahh I see now. Although for some reason I am not having the issue getting songs to add to the play queue right now.

This has been an ongoing issue for years.  How do we get Spotify to fix it?  I left Spotify a while ago for Google Play Music because of this issue, but their audio quality was too variable and their library too limited.  Came back to Spotify to see this is still an issue and is worse now because the old 'set an empty playlist as the current play queue' trick no longer works.  


I think the scenario has been pretty clearly described in this thread already but I'll add my description anyway as described in the bug reporting thread.  This occurs on Windows and Mac clients.  I double-click on an album to play it and it sets the album's tracks in my play queue.  That part is fine.  Then, when the last song finishes the playback stops (also fine), but all of the songs get put back into the queue.  This last part should not happen.


The play queue concept is so simple but Spotify can't get it right.  In Google Play Music it was dead easy.  Two things need to change to make it work properly on Spotify.  1. Don't automatically put tracks into the play queue.  They should only go there in response to a user's action.  2. Allow the user to delete tracks from the queue regardless of how they got there.  At the moment you can delete tracks added by 'add to queue', but not tracks that got there by double-clicking.  I don't understand why there has to be a distinction between the two.  As a user, it confuses me.

I have the same problem, as you can see highlighted in this series of pictures, below. Frankly, it is what is keeping me from paying for a Spotify account. It is sort of ridiculous. I choose to play an album and it now is in an endless loop in my queue. Also, don't judge my music taste.


Screen Shot 2015-09-10 at 10.00.13 AM.png

Screen Shot 2015-09-10 at 10.00.26 AM.png

Screen Shot 2015-09-10 at 10.00.36 AM.png

I too am having this problem. I have never had this occur until yesterday. I click play on a playlist, it plays through the songs, then it starts the playlist all over again on it's own. I'm not talking about the album popping back into the queue and stopping playing, it literally keeps going forever. I even tried creating a playlist with just one song last night and it did the same thing. Essentially, all of a sudden, having repeat on or off makes no difference. Everything repeats endlessly until I actually pause the track or select and start playing a different playlist.


The attached images show the playlist with one song in it, the play queue with shuffle OFF, and the play queue with shuffle ON in that order. I even let it play through with shuffle off, and it started right over again.

Repeat Off.JPG
Repeat On.JPG

Same problem here! I'm about to quit Spotify for good because of the constant issues with the queue.

Screen Shot 2015-09-10 at 3.33.24 PM.png

i fixed it, turning off and turning on agin the shuffle mode

This doesn't work. Still have the same problem on Xubuntu (xenial) and Android...

Spotify knows about this issue and totally refuse to fix it...

They simply ignore the numerous requests from customer(paying customers!!!!!) ...


Love the Music but hate the fact that Spotify doesn't care!



The queue is obviously complete **bleep**e, but I'm running into this exact issue right now. Spotify needs to get on top of this, I'm personally going to be looking into alternatives.

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