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Playback gets stuck every 2 or 3 songs

Playback gets stuck every 2 or 3 songs






MacBook Air 2017

Operating System

macOS Monterey

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I can't remember when this started, maybe a few weeks ago, but whenever I play music from my Mac it will stop just before the end of a song (1-3 seconds left usually) and get stuck there, unable to automatically start the next one. I have to manually skip to get it to continue. In a playlist this happens every 2 or 3 songs and even when I enable repeat one it happens after a few plays. This doesn't happen on my Android phone but I prefer to stream from my Mac and find this really annoying so how do I fix this?


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Hey there @qvdbz_y-a3cf,


Thanks for reaching out to the Community and welcome!


If this is just happening on your computer, we recommend running a clean reinstall of the app. No worries; you won't lose any content by doing so. If that doesn't help, make sure your OS is up to date and check if you have the same problem with the Web Player.


If the issue persists, send over a video or recording of the issue and let us know the Spotify version you have installed. We'll take a look.


We'll keep an eye out for your reply!

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