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Playback is louder on left side for bluetooth Sony headphones

Playback is louder on left side for bluetooth Sony headphones

Hello - I'm a premium user located in the USA.


Device: Macbook Pro  - Catalina - ver 10.15.5 (19F101)

Spotify version:


I noticed this issue with my Sony bluetooth WH-1000XM3's, but isolated it to a Spotify specific issue. This doesn't happen with other playback from other software coming from the desktop, and it also doesn't happen with the same device connected to iOS and using Spotify playback there. 


Spotify playback is fine on the iOS app, so I have narrowed it down to an issue with the Mac Desktop Spotify app. 


The left side output is significantly louder than the right side. It's almost a 70% L 30% R balance and it is very disorienting. 

Interestingly, if you open the System Preferences > Sound in the Mac OS menu, it reverts and stops using Spotify's output preferences, which then restores the playback balance immediately to be balanced L and R outputs again. It is immediately discernible as soon as you do this step. 


It seems like balance isn't an option on the desktop app. Infuriatingly, this balance issue doesn't happen with iTunes, chrome playback of videos etc, so it is not the device hardware or firmware. 

Since this was happening yesterday I also spent time upgrading the firmware on the Sony headphones to exclude any compatibility issues. 


When I connect the SAME headphones to the iOS app, there are 0 balance issues. 

I also factory reset the headphones at some point today since I was concerned it was an issue with the headphones.



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on macbook open Audito MIDI Setup, select your headphone and config.

Hey folks,

Thanks for posting about this on the Community!

This indeed sounds like a local configuration issue on the desktop device. We believe that @DiepNguyen is pointing to the right direction, where the solution to this issue might be hiding.


If this does not get resolved by your local MIDI settings, we'd recommend trying a clean reinstall of the app on your device by following the steps here.

Hope this does the trick for you, reach out if you need more help!

Mihail Moderator
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