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Playlist Descriptions


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Macbook Pro 2019

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MacOS 10.15.5

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When I go and update my playlist descriptions it will change for 5 seconds and go back to what I had them as before. I've updated the desktop version, deleted and redownloaded it multiple times. This has been going for a while and I'm getting tired of it. If it keeps happening I don't think I will keep Spotify and make the switch to Apple Music. 

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Hello @bianca_cortez1

Thank you for reaching out here in the Community!

I'm sorry to hear that. I know it might be frustrating. 


It might take some time for the changes to be displayed. 

I'd recommend waiting 24 h and if after that time the updated description is still not correct, make sure to perform clean reinstall of your Spotify app. It's different than regular reinstallation.
Just find your device in this article and follow the steps provided there.


I hope it helps!

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