Playlist Plays Wrong Track

Playlist Plays Wrong Track

Whenever I update one of my playlists I get the following bug:


The albums/tracks are added to the playlist but when I start playing them, spotify plays a complete other track than that's listed at that position. For example: The first track  in my playlist is Colossus by In Morning. When I try to play this song, it plays Image of Time by In Vain. Note, shuffle is turned off and it's allways the same wrong song that gets played, even when I update the order of the songs (put an other song on the location of Colossus) and it still plays Image of Time by In Vain.


Another thing to note is that when the wrong track is playing, the green "now playing" icon isn't showing in front of the track I clicked. Also, when I try to click on the album art of the wrong track I don't go anywhere. The "now playing" icon does show in front of the playlist.


--- Edit:


After a system cleanup using CleanMyMac the playlist order is back to normal. But still, It's an annoying bug!


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