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Playlist auto-naming changed – again?

Playlist auto-naming changed – again?

Like many people I'd like to organize my library with album playlists. The auto-naming of an album saved as a playlists in the format «Artist – Album» was very convenient even though it has to be done on the Mac desktop client, since it wasn't working on the Android mobile app. 

After the last major client update the auto-naming in the Mac desktop client was changed to only include the album title (or EP or Single) and I cannot think of any reason for that change. 

I understand that the album as an entity has maybe lost the importance it has had for so long, especially for the top streamed artists on Spotify. But even so, that should put more emphasis on the artist name and not less...


TL,DR: I would love to see the following changes: 

  • Bring back the «Artist – Album» format for auto-naming playlists
  • Standardize the playlist auto-naming for all platforms and clients
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Hey there @minable


Thanks for reaching out about this here in the Community. 


We're sorry to hear that your experience with the new desktop client isn't as expected.


We'd recommend adding your feedback to this Feedback thread. As the right teams are still collecting ideas on how to make the Desktop app better and more user friendly, this is the best place to post your comments.


Hope you find this info helpful 🙂



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