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This is just embarrasing!


Spotify is such a great company/app but it seems you really wont fix this, in my opinion, small and probably quite simple issue. The least you can do is telling us what the **bleep** you´re actually doing to fix this. I now end my subscription beacause ive been having this annoying problem for too long and of course I expected you would show your customers some respect by at least responding in this thread telling us what the hell is happening. Since this has taken such a long time I no longer want to recommend friends who are ambivalent upgrading to premium. We pay a lot of money every month for this service, now we want you to show som respect and reply, at least.


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Hello and Sorry to hear you are having a bad experience, there are a few ways to work around the issue of the playlists organization. I noticed from your profile you have allot of playlists, since it only shows the top 50, I would assume you have many more? Would you like a way to organize it all? It does take a Saturday or Sunday afternoon or a late night of music listening but once done it is rather easy to maintain it. One just has to get through the knuckle scrapping for that first time setting it up.

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I'm sure I had this function on an earlier version for my iPad. I still have it on my iMac version and it is really useful -- but it would be even more useful on my iPad! Please restore it.

(And you are great.)

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Yes, any help with this problem would be appreciated.

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Just reciced this from spotify: "

rting options


Clearly one of those things where devs so "we know better" stubborn that no amount of whining and requesting will change their view." 


I can't beginning to understand how hard this can be... come on. It's not that hard to accoplish or if your "devs" sais otherwise you should chang them.

Me oersonakky think thar you holding up your deal with MS and let the rest of ut UNIX user suffer. I will give you one more mont then I will stop my subsrciption. 


Just bas style blaming it on the devs...






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Hello Meredith.


I've noticed 92 Kudos, so there is a need to alphabetize playlists in order so that they are easy to find compared to the mess that they are all in at the moment. This is something that Spotify should add.



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You make no sense what so ever

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The thread that I was referring to was someone who wants to alphabetize their Playlist. Not the the songs but the play lists. I've got more than one Playlist that I want to apatite So far there are 92 people that agree that Spotify also has that option.

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Hey everyone!! I hope everyone is signed up for email notifications because I found a quick fix to this problem. This must be done on a computer.


First, create a new playlist.


Go back to the one that you want alphabetized.

Above the first song, click "Song"

This will put the songs in alphabetical order.


Click on any song. I'm using a Mac, so on the top of my screen, it says "Spotify File Edit, etc."

Then click edit, then click select all (not sure how this works for PC, but try to find a way to select all). This will highlight all of your songs.


Then simply click and drag all of your songs to your new playlist and delete the old one. This will have the playlist in alphabetical order!!


If you'd rather do it by artist, just click artist above the first song and select all, etc.


Hope it made sense and helps!!!

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On an Android Tablet you can sort playlist Alphbetically, why not when on a laptop with windows?