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Playlist not showing what songs are in it and can not play it [Mac]

Playlist not showing what songs are in it and can not play it [Mac]


After i updated (restarted as it said) spotify yesterday one of my playlist could not show all the tracks in it (still working on ipad and iphone) but i could copy the playlist link and play it on web spotify...

Link to playlist:


A more detailed description, using numbered steps

1. Added local files to playlist

2. Saw the new update and updated

3. Opened playlist to play as normal, did not show songs but was able to play it anyway

4. Deleted and downloaded new spotify, now i could neither see songs or play them on desktop (still working on ipad and iphone)

5. Tried to log out and back in, did not make any changes.

6. Copied the playlist link and opened it in browser, here it dit work and showed most (!!!) of the local files I added (still all local files show on ipad and iphone).


What I expected to happen

Show tracks and play them.


What actually happened

Does not show track and can not play them


My Operating System



My Spotify version


My internet provider and country

tele 2


My username

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Do you have any screenshots you can attach to more clearly explain your issue?

Yes i have i screenshot of the defect playlist. It is not empty as a new playlist would be.

Added both the defect playlist and a new so you can se the difference.

Skärmavbild 2015-03-16 kl. 11.50.03.png
Skärmavbild 2015-03-16 kl. 11.50.30.png
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