Playlists not playing all songs in order


Playlists not playing all songs in order





United States


Multiple recent MacBooks / iMac / MacMini / Mac Pro

Operating System

OS 10.14.6

Spotify Build:



My Question or Issue:

When playing a large playlist in order (not shuffle) Spotify is consistently skipping tracks, often 3-4 at at time. This is happening when using either the Queue feature or the basic Next Up mode of playback. In the Queue mode, even after all tracks have been selected and pushed into the queue, it is showing the same tracks skipped as when playing back in Next Up mode (!). This means there are certain tracks that are consistently not heard, and no way to hear them except through manual selection. This playback problem, in addition to the well documented issues with the non-randomized shuffling mode, are fundamental features which should have been fully operational (at least to the standard of other older apps on the market) before launching in a subscription based program. Please remedy this problem in an upcoming release, or at least provide users a tool to wipe the underlying metadata that is causing the app to repeatedly select the same tracks in Queue/Next Up/Shuffle modes!