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Playlists won't go into secret mode

Playlists won't go into secret mode

Help! I've tried multiple times to hide playlists by right clicking and choosing "make secret" however they still all show up publicly (except the ones I created after I chose the default private playlist option under settings).  When I go back to each playlist and right click, the only option is "make public" even though it is already public. Thoughts???

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That's odd. It might be a small glitch, could you try doing a full reinstallation of the app, including removing your local cache/data files?


If that doesn't help, please post here:

 - Your Spotify version

 - Your OS



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Thank you. I did a reinstall, playlists are still public 😞

Spotify version:
OSX 10.9.2

Could you get back to me with a screenshot of what you're seeing on your end? Everything is looking good on my end.

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