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Podcast Progress Bar




The progress bar for Spotify podcasts doesn't function correctly. When I get to the end of the episode, it goes to the next one but acts as if there are still several minutes left on the previous episode. This makes the "sort by unplayed" option useless, as it makes it seem like all the finished episodes have not been completed. Moving the progress bar to the end of the episode doesn't work, as it will still show several unplayed minutes. There also doesn't seem to be a "mark as played" option. Is there a way to fix this?

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Casual Listener

I have had this problem intermittently.


Actually... it's only one from eight of my podcasts that isn't updating, and it's a portion of their history that shows in progress even though it has finished.


I had a few that had genuinely not finished their timer, so i manually moved the slider to the end, and they disappeared with the Unplayed Episodes filter on.


I tried that with the podcast in question, and it is not working for the still visible episodes.