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Popular Songs Not Playing

Popular Songs Not Playing

Hey all, when I search an artist and attempt to play a song from the "popular" songs section it won't allow me to play anything. It also won't show a hover state on the title. I've reinstalled the application and no luck. I made a new user account and it did work. Any suggestions that don't require me to transfer all of my files to the new user account?


Running: OS X El Capitan v10.11.6




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Hello @thekhromatic,


Welcome to Spotify Community! : )

Can you try the webplayer and let me know if the issue persists there?

Also, can you send me an example song from "Popular" section and the market you are in ( US,CA, DE etc.. ).

@Dreadlord thanks for getting back to me so promptly. I'm in the US market. The web player did work successfully. I've attached a image of the popular songs. Previously when I would move my mouse on top of the song names it would change the background color and allow me to double click to play. Now it won't change background colors or play the song I double click. This goes for all artists and songs.



Screen-Shot-2016-10-11-at-1.51.30-PM.jpg Thanks for your help!

Hello @thekhromatic,


Can you try turning off hardware acceleration?
I think the only way to do that atm is to start Spotify from the command line and use --disable-GPU chrome flag.

/Applications/ --disable-gpu

Also, is your Chrome and Spotify up to date? Can you let me know your Spotify version ( Spotify -> About Spotify. Here you can check if a newer version is available below the version number.)? 

If the command above doesn't work for you. consider giving you MAC a restart. 


Let me know how it goes : ) 

yea im having the same issue - popular songs not playing everything else perfect... - windows 7 - both spotify and chrome up to date.

Got the same problem now. Worked just fine before. Have you found a solution for the problem yet?

Same problem, but just “Updated” version build and it’s working now! 

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