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Problems logging in abroad

Problems logging in abroad


Free (I am trying to renovate my premium account)




Macbook Pro 2017 / OnePlus 6 



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I installed Spotify on my macbook and on my oneplus 6 few weeks ago, when I was still living in Italy. Now that I moved to the Netherlands I'm having problems logging in using my Facebook account.

When I try to log in using Facebook, I get an error message (ERROR CODE: 17) saying that Spotify is probably blocked by a firewall (although I gave Spotify all the requierd permissions). The error also suggests to change the proxy settings.

I'd like to renovate my premium subscription but I cannot log in.




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Hey there!

Right now it's only possible for free accounts to use Spotify abroad for 14 days. You can learn more by reading this Spotify Answer.

I'd also recommend perfoming a clean install of Spotify.

Since you wanted to upgrade to Premium juse use the link below and try it from a browser:

Hope this helps!

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