Proxy stopped working after update


Re: Proxy stopped working after update

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About one week with non-working Spotify here too, behind a proxy. Web-player works though.


I heard that Google now has a nice offering in something called YouTube music, or something like that. I'll propably try that if this isn't fixed.


Spotify working from behind proxy once again

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EDIT: The very next day, after the working update, connection doesn't work anymore. This is really frustrating.



I got music to play again with proxy after a few weeks away from workplace.


Spotify version: (previous non-working was

macOS High Sierra 10.13.5 (17F77)


  • Quit Spotify (Ctrl and mouse click icon)
  • Remove Spotify (Drag icon from Finder/Applications to trash)
  • Removed everything related to Spotify that I could coma up with from the computer. * Finder -> Go -> (Alt-key pressed) Library
  • From Application Support and Caches I moved to trash all directories with spotify in their name.
  • Restart the computer
  • Download the Spotify installer zip from and installed the thing
  • After a few attempts with proxy settings and error code 7 I could finally log in and play music

Re: Spotify working from behind proxy once again


This is starting to get ridiculous now. There were two new releases for the desktop client since the proxy issue was introduced, and it is still not working. Now I moved to the web player which is the "barely working" category, most features are missing. But on the top of that it keeps logging me out at least four times a day, right in the middle of the music. I couldn't find any issue tracker apart from this "Community", where we can only moan to each other, with no sign of any Spotify staff. I'm seriously considering terminating my Premium subscription now.