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Radio based on playlist

Radio based on playlist

I'm aving a couple of issues with Playlist Radio. 

I built a playlist with about 20 songs/artist that I like. Playlist Radio has yet to play any of the songs or bands or anything sounding similar enough to the artists to make me think it's actually wokring. If I give a song the "Thumbs Down" I'll be damned if it doesn't play another song from that artist right after or a couple down the line to which I "thumbs down" again only to have this same thing repeat over and over with about 10 artist that i really don't like and don't sound "related" while still not playing anything by any of the artists on the playlist. Is is f**king with me??!!

Is this like when Pandora play Jack Johnson in the middle of a Joy Division station?



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Radio has never been Spotify's greatest feature. I would try adding a few more tracks to the playlist and see if that makes any difference.



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