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Radio repeats songs too often and ignores thumbs down

Radio repeats songs too often and ignores thumbs down

I'm a premium subscriber and have been listening for a couple of months.  For the most part the service is very good, however, I have a couple of issues that will make me look elsewhere if I can't find a solution. 


I use the Radio function almost exclusively.  I typically will create a station based on an artist (i.e. John Williams).  One issue is that the tracks repeat far too often and doesn't provide enough variety in track selection.  Another problem is that I have clicked 'Thumbs down' on several tracks and they have still come up on the station.


A third, but less important problem I've noticed is that you can't delete a radio station.  Once you've created it, it's in your list forever.  


I've read several posts on the repeating issue, but I haven't seen any resolution or response from Spotify.  Is it being looked at?  Am I paying $10 a month for a service that I can't even contact for support?


I like the idea of the service and I don't mind paying for it, if only it would work to my expectations.  Please respond Spotify.

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Hey! Welcome to the community 🙂


The thumbs on the radio have always been a little tempermental, from what I can work out from using it those thumbs are used to "improve the station" but they will not stop a track from playing exclusively. 


As for deleting radio stations, there is a staff response on the ideas topic here



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I AM SICK TO DEATH OF SPOTIFY RADIO !!!  --  it is the worst ever.


I choose say " 90s " station , and I'm 5 songs in and already a SONG IS REPEATED !!!


The radio just repeats all the time, and when I say thumbs UP or THUMBS DOWN .. the radio does not record or learn what I LIKE !!!


This problem has been obvious for years now and STILL SPOTIFY hasn't fixed it, does Spotify listen to its user or what ! ?


Because this has annoyed me so much, I will cancel my subscription, I've been a paying user for YEARS now... and Spotify don't listen to us.


Disgusting radio  station , there are FREE radio stations out there that are 100 TIMES better than SPOTIFY...wise up

Radio repeating tracks far too often is an open bug here too.

Spotify Community Mentor and Troubleshooter

Spotify Last.FM Twitter LinkedIn Meet Peter Rock Star Jam 2014

If this post was helpful, please add kudos below!

I got so excited to use the radio after creating playlists and having a really easy time doing that. However, the majority of the songs that I've thumbs down get replayed and worse, a set of songs that I do thumbs up get repeated so often that I'm starting to hate them. I guess I'll listen to my playlists on Spotify, but use Pandora for their superior radio service. Also, not sure if related by the radio station isn't finely tuned in terms of genre. Say, I go for a hip hop/electronic artist Stromae, well, somehow my music selection includes Evanescence, Michael Jackson, and Cotton Eye Joe. Like....what. I love different types of genre but if I'm in the mood for one thing and I'm getting everything else how is that a specified radio station?!




So unfortunate that their radio is so faulty. Hopefully it'll get fixed soon. If anyone knows a way to manually fix it, (restarting Spotify/uninstalling and then reinstalling) please let me know.  

I've also been disappinted by this problem.

Spotify is currently repeating tracks on a 30-35 minute loop, including several that I keep hitting thumbs down on.


This, coupled with the lack of relevant ads (see makes the system unusable.

I've been searching for some way to get the radio to stop playing the songs I've thumbs-downed to no avail.  It's extremely annoying; how many times do I have to tell you I don't like "First Day of My Life" by Bright Eyes?  How many times do I have to thumbs-down every song you play by Eliot Smith and Okkervil River?  I DON'T LIKE THEM.  


Ugh.  Just venting, as it looks as though there is no solution.  I can't believe that Spotify can be so awesome in some ways and still have terrible flaws in its radio.  How hard is it to program the thing to stop playing the songs we don't like??

The Artist Radio feature used to be ok (ish), but now when I start it I'll often get one single song repeated within the playlist. For example, I got the same ELO song (don't judge) twice AND a remixed "house" version of the same song — all within one radio station (not on repeat). The Spotify algorithm seems to have gotten very dumb.


There are so many posts complaining about the radio algorithm, and and the response and ownership is so lacking on Spotify's end. Now I am using itunes to discover new music! THAT"S HOW BAD IT IS! Love Spotify, but sad to say I'm a long time Premium user who's very tempted to jump ship. This radio issue could very will break Spotify if ignored.

Why have a thumbs down button if it does NOTHING but skip. One skip button is enough. They are torturimg on all my
Radio stations with Policia. It's killing me. . Someone already vented for me above so I won't bore you

Why is Spotify playing "Smalltown Boy - Bronski Beat"?

I don't like the song and I want to discard some songs can I do that?

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