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Random songs disappearing from "Your Music"

Random songs disappearing from "Your Music"

Has anyone else had this issue of songs that you know you had saved to "Your Music", sometimes for years, finding them all of a sudden missings?


I'm not talking about songs that have been removed by labels or artists, those usually stay in "Your Music" anyway and are just grayed out.


Today alone I have replaced 20 or more songs that I know for sure, 100%, were in my "Your Music" folder.


This happens regularly to me.


Anyone else experiencing this?



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I am having this same issue. Spotify is great, except for the insanely aggravating “features” such as this. I have saved many, many songs over the last 2+ years, and only have a little over 1800 songs currently saved. I started checking this a while ago when I started noticing that songs I had saved in the past were no longer saved when checking out an artist that is still on Spotify with all of their same songs. Very frustrating. Last week when I checked, I had slightly over 2000 songs. And I have added somewhere around 1-200 songs in this time frame alone. Spotify is removing random (not the old, first songs, or the last songs, or really any other noticeable pattern) songs from my library because they can. WHAT. THE. HECK. I like to listen to a lot of music, and they are not allowing me to do this, and have given me absolutely no indication that this would, or should be happing. Very disappointed. Might be time to switch to Apple (blah) Music.

I am having the same problem.  Fully HALF of my songs from my saved songs list is missing! I am SO SO irritated but also so sad as I love spotify so much that I tell anyone who mentions music all the wonderful attributes and features of Spotify. Not true now. I don't even know the songs that were on there as I had been saving songs for years but surely did not have more than 1,000 and most likely less. Little did I know that I needed to keep a separate list to know exactly what I had saved. Just as aggravating is that all questions on this topic have not been answered by anyone with any knowledge of how to fix it. Doesn't the admin. look at these questions? This is not good support Spotify! Why pay premium and have no help?!!

This is all so disappointing and sadly I probably too will need to quit premium to go elswhere.

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