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I'm also having this issue.

I find it very annoying as the worst thing is that I haven't actually played tracks by artists such as Ed Sheeran & Ellie Goulding and they are on my 'Recently Played Artists' 

I can't stand these 2 pop acts as I  am mainly into indie/alternative, so this shameless promotion of major label artists is messing up my profile.

I am on Premium subscription, so I would like my profile to be a true reflection of what I play.


I hope they sort this out soon.





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I'm just posting to see if this post helps kickstart the change in my Recently Played Artists since from what I understand, just by posting that seemed to fix your problem. If not, does anyone know how to contact a Spotify employee via direct email or phone call? I'd like to figure this out and all the posts about this seem to just be speculation about the problem, but no actual solutions (unless it's just luck, like in this case).

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Same problem here, hasn't been updating for weeks and weeks...

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I've been having a similar problem recently. I left my account logged on on my little brothers ipad a while ago and he was listening to music I would never, and so doesn't give a true reflection of my music, and it hasn't changed in a long while even though I listen to other bands all the time. Only one of the artists on the list is an artist I acctually like!

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Where is the option to share recently played artists in Spotify Premium? At the moment, my friends can only view my public playlists.

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that is not a solution....


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How does one just turn it off?  There is a TON of junk in there that I've never heard of, don't want to hear, and don't care to pay any attention to.  So I "edited" it and it just keeps repopulating with never ending streams of junk.  


How do do I stop the madness?  


In fact, what IS the madness?  Just a random list of everything being played on Spotify at any given moment?  I'm paying for Premium and I have to deal with that nonsense?