[Regression] No warning when adding the same album/songs to a playlist that already exist


[Regression] No warning when adding the same album/songs to a playlist that already exist







Macbook Pro 2018

Operating System

macOS 11


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It used to be when I added song A, C, and F to a playlist, then dragged the full album containing songs A-Z to the playlist, it would tell me some of the songs are already in the playlist and ask if I wanted to only add new ones. Trying this with the new Spotify experience is really buggy. Two different things happened when I tried this:

  1. It popped up the usual dialog, I opted to only add the new songs, but it added all of the songs anyway instead of just the new ones... I manually deleted the duplicates
  2. Then I tried again 10 min later, and this time there was no dialog at all, it just added all the songs regardless of if they existed and gave me no warning
  3. Tried it again just now by dragging the last song added to the playlist onto the playlist, and it added it without a warning again

Overall the visuals of the new Spotify experience are great and it feels more like the iOS version, but WOW is it buggy and slow. Needs a lot more testing for this to be ready for prime time - these are pretty obvious, big bugs I see others reporting/I'm reporting tonight.


(Edit: I realize I'm a power user and thus see this experience before it's GA to everyone I guess? A great change directionally, but definite big bugs to fix!)

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Re: [Regression] No warning when adding the same album/songs to a playlist that already exist


Hey @dgattey,


Thanks for sharing your thoughts with the Community!


We appreciate your feedback and will make sure that it reaches the right folks. We constantly strive to improve the Spotify experience and hearing the voice of our users plays a big part in that.


If you want to share more notes on the New Desktop Experience, you can do it in the thread here. Our team is always trying to improve the user experience and any thoughts on how to make it better are more than welcome.


Thanks again 🙂 

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