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You didn't get any new releases from bands you follow, because none of the bands you follow had new releases. The trick is to follow thousands of bands, because every new release from a band you follow will appear in Browse->Discover->New Releases For You and your Release Radar. Any remaining extra space will get padded with new releases from bands you hate. In my New Releases For You this week, there is just one band that I wasn't following. (I hate it.)

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But that's the point of this never-ending and ever-ignored thread: .

Those smart solutions are not reliable or smart enough to actually do it. And there is strong evidence hinting at the possibility that it's filled with stuff people pay to push on us.  

And even in the best case: it doesn't clearly communicate album releases. It makes it seem like it's singles. And often with long delays. 

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Yeah. No.

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2 years past and Spotify still won't get the bell notification back. Seriously?


No one wants email notification. When the bell was there, I used to access the new album or songs with JUST one-click. It waste so much time if I need to login to my email to do so, not mention the notification emails spaming my inbox.


And the "Release Radar" is absolutely NOT a substitute to the bell. It only updates once a week, but not when a song or album from my followed artists released. It's NOT a user-oriented playlist. It also included new tracks not from my followed artists! Sorry but I already got the "Discover Weekly" playlist. Spotify really should not **bleep** my "Release Radar" if you tend to tell users that's the upgraded version to the bell.