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Remove "i'm with the banned" playlist, it is insulting

Remove "i'm with the banned" playlist, it is insulting

If you stand with artists from the nations of the travel banned, then can you explain why you banned the same people from these nations to use your service? if you are not allowed to let Iranian people use your services and forced to ban us, then please do not use us to promote spotify as community against travel ban or any ban based on race and nationality, it is been a long time that people of Iran suffered by sanctions from outside and cencored from inside, the least you can do is not insulting them by these fake movements that even spotify itself cannot follow.

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It is highly unlikely that the decision not to include Iran in their list of available countries was down to Spotify's own judgement. As you say yourself, you are censored from the inside, so how is it conceivable that Spotify are to blame here? Genuine question.

Thank you for your reply, as you can see in the screenshot, it says "unable to play in your current location" which means it is not censored from inside Iran, what i meant by censorship was to give an idea and explain Iranian people situation in general, also there are numerous services like Netflix and Soundcloud that cannot accept payments from Iran which is clearly understandable but still they not block iran location.

It is clear Spotify overcomply US sanctions against Iran, so why promoting yourself as community who disagrees with these policies but at the same time you are going even furthur than US sanction.





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