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SUPER SLOW on macOS 10.13 Desktop

SUPER SLOW on macOS 10.13 Desktop

Plan: Family Subscription

Country: Switzerland


Device: Desktop App on macos 10.13, latest Spotify App


My Question or Issue:

See attachment, when I open Spotify and click on a playlist, it loads FOREVER! I can wait 10mins, nothing happens.


What I did so far:

- I reinstalled the whole app with the latest Spotify MacOS Installer

- I deleted the whole CACHE folder on my Mac


I expect Spotify to give me a free month for all this hassle and wasted time!!!


Is there any solution to his?
All other apps and programs on my computer run super fast, so there is no RAM oder HD bottleneck. Internet Connection is 500 Mbps, connected via Ethernet. So my internet is fast too.


Screen Shot 2019-06-29 at 13.14.10.png
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First you have to realize that nobody at Spotify cares about or reads anything here. They don't have quality assurance and they don't have customer service.


The problem you're speaking of has been going on for at least a year with at least macOS, and I see no indication they are ever going to fix it.


The only "straightforward" "fix" is to uninstall Spotify, remove everything to do with Spotify within ~/Library/, reinstall an older version, and, if you want it to persistently work, block all updates to the Spotify app so you're stuck on the old version.


You can find lots of threads about this online. I have used the version from myself successfully repeatedly. Good luck. If I had to guess this problem is more specific to macOS which is no prize, but it's also ridiculous newer versions of this are so broken.

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