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Scrobble to not working — OS High Sierra the culprit?

Scrobble to not working — OS High Sierra the culprit?

FYI - Seems since I've upgraded to macOS High Sierra, scrobbling to has not been working. Any suggestiosn for a fix?

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I think the issue is more with Last.Fm than Mac or Spotify. 

Have you disconnected your account in the settings and logged back in? Last has done this before where you just needed to re-enter your password to get it to connect.

I link Last for my iphone and desktop apps and have noticed it doesn't always sync the connection when you start playing - even when your password has been re-entered.
I don't know if this is because I am switching platforms and it's confused to the source -  but just to be safe I always restart my app on whatever device I want to scrobble from. 

Hopefully this helps!

Thanks for the tips Bethany.

I have re-entered my credenitals several times with no luck. The timing seems to be in line with the upgrade. Neither my app or my newly purchased SimpleScrobbler work either. 🤔 

😞 That must be really frustrating.
You are on the latest update to High Sierra too (10.13)? 
I have not seen any functionality change with my installs so unfortunately I am not sure if the glitch resides in Mac or elsewhere. 
Can you scrobble from a mobile device?

Just installed to the latest update --> 10.13.1


I was having a problem scrobbling from a mobile device but that seems to have been fixed with a restore.


Weird thing is if I type in a wrong password for into Spotify, it doesn't bring up a dialog box to tell me it's not correct. 😳

Yes, it has done that to me in the Spotify app as well! 
When I last got disconnected from LAST.FM I just reset my password on their site and then immediately reentered it in Spotify too. Sounds like a weird unnecessary workaround, but it has kept me synced ever since and I have been on all updates of High Sierra since release.

Maybe worth testing out?

Yep. Already tried that too. 


So last night I switched between my phone and the desktop app and now my phone isn’t scribbling again. 



Well, that's a bummer!

I know when I switch between them both I reboot the whole app before I even start listening since the scrobbles usually don't pick up after the switch.
One more thing you could possibly check...

I know in LAST settings they have an area for you to connect and disconnect Spotify and Facebook. Does yours look like it's all connected for you?

Screen Shot 2017-11-07 at 10.07.47 AM.png

Tried that too.

I love digging around in settings to fix things but nothing seems to work in this case! Super frustrating. 

It was my VPN service. It needed some sort of update. 😏

Oh that's interesting! I didn't even consider that option.
Thanks for sharing the answer!

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