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Scrobbling Problem with Local Files

Scrobbling Problem with Local Files

I'm having a problem with Scrobbling to when I listen to any local files through Spotify. This behavior has changed within the last few months (3 months maybe?); Spotify version Mac desktop app.


Whether I'm listening to an album that's only available as a local file on my computer, or I'm playing an album on Spotify that I also happen to have the files for, Spotify either doesn't scrobble it or exhibits some weird behavior with it, like scrobbling half of the album. Often it will scrobble only the first song of the album. Prior to this issue, it would always scrobble every local song as though it were any normal song in Spotify's catalog.


I hope this is not intended behavior!! I want to be able to scrobble every song I listen to through Spotify, not just songs that are actually streaming to me.



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