Search and Artist Pages rarely work.


Search and Artist Pages rarely work.

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I have been a premium subscriber of Spotify for about 5 years now, and have had no problems with the Mac OS desktop app until about 8 months ago. The search function almost never works. When I click artist pages, all I get is a loading signal, but the pages just rarely load, and if they do I usually cannot play music off of them even though I have a good internet connection. Additionally, it takes about 5 minutes for the App to even be somewhat useable after opening it. WHY is this app so awful? Why do I see so many other topics about these issues, yet they seem to persist? Yes, I have restarted my computer many times, so don't waste my time telling me to try this. I have also reinstalled the application several times to no improvement. Search and artist pages simply do not load. My internet connection is fine, as I am able to surf the web and stream on this device with no issues. It's frustrating to me that I pay a monthly subscription for a service that does not work properly. Please, FIND A SOLUTION FOR THIS. 

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Re: Search and Artist Pages rarely work.

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same issue here on a mid-2012 macbook pro, OsX Mojave 10.14.2, spotify v., takes forever to load pages, search function non reponsive, main screen section remains black whatever menu is selected

Re: Search and Artist Pages rarely work.

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Try to disable Hardware Acceleration, just click on the spotify Menu in your Menu Bar next to the Apple Menu, just find Hardware Acceleration and next click on it to disable then confirm to restart Spotify.
Also, if you don't use local files try to disable them inside Settings.


I'd recommend uninstalling the apps using these steps.

Make sure your macOS is update, currently the latest version is macOS Mojave 10.14.3

Let me know how it goes 🙂

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Re: Search and Artist Pages rarely work.

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all updates done

mac book pro mid-2012, Mojave 10.14.3, 2.9 GHz Intel Core i7, 8GB.

Spotify, hardware acceletarion off.

local files disabled


still running very slow, not loading pages most of the time, search function barely operational...

works like a charm on iPhone though.

Definitely not the quality you'd expect with a premium account...