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Search results issues!

Search results issues!

Dear Spotify,


So I am a big music nerd. I listen to playlists all day usually at work. So as of the last few weeks when i search for example INDIE. The results of playlists are being 'filtered' or only loading a certain ammount of results. Instead of the THOUSANDS i could scroll through.. maybe 100 playlists show up. Not normal. 


SPOTIFY playlists are showing up. Anything curated by Spotify itself is showing. But a HUGE chunk of user generated playlists or public playlists by users on the app or even mobile are missing. I searched for example pop. Only spotify content came up.


Why does only a certain ammount of playlists that are 'spotify' made show now? What happend to the THOUSANDS of custom playlists that are made by users? Why won't they show up in search? It's SUPER annoying trying to find new music or even just random playlists by users when the content in search is very limited or only shows the spotify created playlists. It almost makes it not worth searching for new music... 


I've seen other users report the search results are being limted and or only a limted ammount of results.... are you fixing this?? Please fix this asap!


ps. yes i have the lates os, latest update.. etc. I've been asked this before. Its NOT my end. It's something you need to fix! 



A concerned user. 






Macbook Pro

Operating System

Mojave 10.14.3 (18D109)


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Hey @morleyj21.


Thanks for getting in touch!


We've been getting reports recently that only 80 results show when running a search. We are investigating this issue and will keep users up to date in this Ongoing Issue.


Could this be the same issue that you are experiencing? If so, be sure to hit +vote. We will get this sorted as soon as possible.


Have a nice day.

Why is this marked as a solution? I don't see a solution, just acknowledgement of the issue. Am I missing something?

I've been a subscriber for 5 years and have the same complaint.  I remember when I'd search a song title and get almost endless results.  It would take a while, but I would eventually scroll to the end.  I'd be amazed at the unexpected covers (versions) I'd find.  It was wonderul, like being a kid in a candy store. 


A few days ago, a Spotify agent informed me in live chat that song search results are now limited to 100 entries.  Even when there may be hundreds of covers.  No wonder I'm having trouble finding new tracks, covers, and artists.  I was floored.  And infuriated. 


Spotify must remedy this at once.  Let's face it.  This is NOT fair to labels, artists, songwriters, or subscribers.  Nobody wins except Spotify.






Hey folks, thanks for posting about this in the Community - we appreciate the feedback. If you like you can create an idea about this and encourage other users to vote for it - just head here to do so: Hope that helps! Take care 🙂

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