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Secret "Discover Weekly" Playlist?


Secret "Discover Weekly" Playlist?

I stumbled across a "Discover Weekly" playlist that somehow made its way into my Playlists tab this afternoon. I've been listening to it since then and it's great!
However, the playlist just mysteriously disappeared from all of Spotify now, and after Googling around to find it again, I found this playlist that seems to be "an EMPLOYEES ONLY test" (I'm not an employee). The description looks like:
Screen Shot 2015-04-08 at 12.26.42 AM.png
It lists the email, which seems to be a internal Google Group that I can't send emails to.
Luckily I still have all of the songs in my play queue, so I saved them to another personal playlist. However, I'm still curious about this playlist. Was it just a test? Is it planned to be released soon? This feature seems awesome.
Also, here's a feedback form that was linked to in my original Discover Weekly playlist, which has publicly readable responses. It only has 20 reponses so far, so it seems this wasn't widespread. Screenshots are attached.
Screen Shot 2015-04-08 at 1.08.06 AM.png
Screen Shot 2015-04-08 at 1.08.16 AM.png
51 Replies

Ah wow this sucks that is has been removed! I didn't realise it was a secret feature - I was using it for a good few weeks, found the perfect music for me!


Please bring it back Spotify!

Yep, had this for 2 weeks and it disappeared. So sad! It had some amazing new music to discover.

I was lucky enough to have this playlist for three weeks. At first I was sad that it disappeared, but now I feel kind of privileged to have tried it. I don't know how many bands I'm still discovering just because of the ones it introduced me to and they tangents it led me on. It was definitely my go-to way of finding new music.


And it's funny to me to know there were so few responses to the survey. Mine is right there, the second comment, and I thought it would be lost among thousands. 

It looks interesting. I'm sad that I could not try this. Anyway, I hope they just hide the function to test it internally and still plan to release it soon. 

If this functions works fine it'll be **bleep**ing awesome. Finding new music is still really hard and this seems to be a good solution. I would like to try this aswell.

Really liked this feature too! Love to have it back! Browsing through all albums in discover isn't nearly as inspiring.

i had this feature for a few weeks too and i loved almost every single song on the playlists and now im so sad that its gone now. PLEASE BRING IT BACK, SPOTIFY!

you know what, i think i'm going to write them a handwritten letter saying how darn much i really liked this feature.

I had this function for two weeks and luckily I saved most of the songs into a separate playlist. I have found lots of new songs and artists that I wouldn't have otherwise come across. It is much better than the Discover tab as it is more convenient to access in a playlist format. I don't often listen to compilations but this is a great way to access new music and I have been listening and sharing it loads. Will message Spotify directly to say how great I found this function.

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Hey guys!

Discover Weekly is now a feature for everyone! If you don't see it in your playlists yet, it should be coming soon.

MattSudaSpotify Star
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Note: I'm not a Spotify employee.

Do you know if it will be available for all users in 1.0.10?

Dearest Spotify,

For ages your recommendations have been terrible, uninspired, frustrating and somewhat lazy.
Today all that changed. I listened to my "Discover Weekly" playlist. It was brilliant. Every track was new to me and so far i enjoyed every one. I didn't want my morning commute to end. Sadly it did and I was only half way through. What particularly impressed me was how coherent the playlist was. It covered music from different eras and different styles and yet it held together nicely and wasn't jarring between tracks. I don't know if this is the result of you buying Echo Nest or something else, but whatever it is, well done. This is awesome. Please keep up the good work.
One question. Although I'm excited about what might be on the playlist next week I also don't want to lose track of some new artists you've just introduced me to. Is there any quick way of saving the list, or perhaps providing a history to go back to once you update it next week?
Many thanks


I saw this in my list and immediately unfollowed it because my recomendations usually suck.  I found this post googling how to take playlist off my sidebar.


After reading this thread I took a look at mine and I have to say that mine is really really good. I'm shocked. I have really weird eclectic taste in music which usually ruins recommendation algorithms but this is great so far.


So good for Spotify. I'll be checking this out again for sure.

Hi I Loved the discovered weekly and all the songs that were on it! But I didn't have time to save them all and now the songs are all gone. Would you happen to have them from the ones that were playing on July 24th? 

They are unique to you unfortunately!



"One question. Although I'm excited about what might be on the playlist next week I also don't want to lose track of some new artists you've just introduced me to. Is there any quick way of saving the list, or perhaps providing a history to go back to once you update it next week?"


Yes you can, the quickest way to save those tracks, is to select all and then drag and drop all selected tracks into another playlist. I have created a master My Weekly Discover Playlist and every week I just select all and drag all the tracks into that playist, and I also remove duplicate tracks that might popped up from time to time from the Master Playlist I created from Discover Weekly.

congratulations Spotify for bringing this back and for the incredible new music this brings. I'm quite a music fan but I don't know half the bands you recommend.

You haven't taken the easy option and just put big sellers on there.


And I must back up previous post on this thread - it does seem like the order is programmed.... my list starts with the softer (indie/acoustic) selections before moving into my darker electronica side!


And like the previous poster, create a master list (now I have 120 tracks) and just shuffle away......

Will Discover Weekly playlist from previous weeks be accessible somehow, or should I manually save the playlist created as a new playlist?




p.s. I agree with most here, the playlist is right on the money with my musical tastes and is mainly composed of artists I had not heard previously.

have been reading for weeks now about this new feauture: discover weekly (including on this forum) . However, It still isn't available for me, or so it seems. I am using version of the client. Am I just not yet part of the roll-out or is something going wrong?

I suspect this feauture is awesome, so hopefullly it will arrive soon on my desktop.

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